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Underwater Inspections

Assessing Steel Damage, From a New Perspective

Understand what is happening below the surface. 

Evaluating steel pile damage from the surface can be challenging. Past techniques of diagnosing pile damage only came in the form of sending underwater divers down to take a closer look. We believed this process of diagnosing corrosion to steel piles was high in cost, time consuming, and simply outdated. Our team extended our search for alternatives and discovered an incredible solution. 

Underwater Drone Services

At Dockshield, we have eliminated the use of underwater divers and have turned to underwater drones. This allows the company and its clients to have real-time photos and videos of the current corrosion that resides on the steel piles below the surface. Utilizing the underwater drone, our company is able to:

  • Eliminate any underwater diving costs making our service less expensive for clients 

  • Showcase photos and videos that are taken in 4k to properly diagnose steel pile repair or protection. These will be reviewed in all consultation meetings

  • Versatile equipment that is easy to move to make for flexible scheduling with huge time improvements. Every dock is different making each job directly custom to our client needs       

Other services can include: 

  • Have you lost anything in the water? We also are available for underwater salvage and returns


qysea-fifish-v6 picture.jpeg
IMG-1660 (1)_edited.png

Real-time photos and videos readily available for clients throughout the job


Underwater Scuba DIver_edited.png

No underwater divers needed for inspection services saving time and money


 Flexible scheduling allows clients to be fully involved in the inspection process to ensure quality and thorough inspections


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